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KUREI Kei (暮井 慧) Profile

A High school girl attending a public high school in Tokyo. Her club activities, computer science club. She likes to move her body, so when the mood strikes her she joins in the various sports clubs. She is a character of the Programming Live Program ( !

Nickname: Pronama-chan (プロ生ちゃん)
Age: 17
Occupation:  High student
Birthday: 11 Jan.
Twitter: @pronama

Character Voice: UESAKA Sumire, Character Design/Illustration: Ixy



Voice Sound

Voice Sound

Download KUREI Kei (Character Voice: UESAKA Sumire) voice sounds for Windows sounds, timer, alarm and etc.



Download Pronama-chan icons. You can create Pronama-chan icons just for you by Pronama-chan icon generator.

KUREI Kei Fan Club

KUREI Kei Fan Club

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